unskilled un‧skilled [ˌʌnˈskɪld◂] adjective HUMAN RESOURCES
1. an unskilled worker has not been trained for any job that needs special skills:

• Half the plant's unskilled workers risk losing their jobs.

Unskilled labour costs four times as much in Britain as in Malaysia.

2. unskilled work does not need people with special skills:

• Unskilled industrial jobs are declining.

— compare semi-skilled, skilled

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unskilled UK US /ʌnˈskɪld/ adjective WORKPLACE, HR
used to describe people who have no particular work skills: unskilled employees/labourers/workers »

Businesses such as restaurants are dependent on lower-paid, unskilled employees.


The workforce was largely unskilled at relatively low pay levels.

used to describe work that does not need any particular skills: unskilled jobs/positions/work »

The hundreds of assembly jobs at the plant are mostly unskilled.


Unskilled manual jobs no longer support a family, like they did in the 1950s.


The jobs that required unskilled labor could be filled more cheaply overseas.

Compare SKILLED(Cf. ↑skilled)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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